The Skin Center Medical Spa in Pittsburgh Offers Free Tattoo Removal for Military Recruits Seeking to Meet Enlisting Requirements

United States military recruits receive FREE tattoo removal during month of July

(PITTSBURGH – June 7, 2011) — For many young men and women, serving in the United States Military is a life-long dream. Many, however, find that life goal denied because of an earlier decision to get a tattoo.  During the month of July, The Skin Center Medical Spa, with three locations in Pittsburgh, PA, will offer FREE laser tattoo removal to help those who have chosen to serve their country.

Although each United States military brand has its own policy regarding tattoos, general long-standing tattoo policy excludes potential recruits from enlisting if visible body art or tattoos located on their arms or legs exceed a specified size or are considered to be extremist, indecent, sexist or racist.  Additionally, tattoos on the head and face are prohibited with the exception of permanent make-up.

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