Dr. Brandy’s QuickLift

My Personal QuickLift® Story

By Dr. Dominic A. Brandy

As a cosmetic surgeon who has performed thousands of surgeries, my personal QuickLift surgical experience is similar to the surgical journeys taken by so many of my patients. One of the common themes I have heard, seen and experienced in three decades of practice is the desire of my patients to look as young as they feel. The process of aging frequently presents a face to the world for us that doesn’t reflect how we feel on the inside, or how well we may take care of our physical health.

As well, science has documented that a sizable portion of patients seeking cosmetic surgery feel better afterwards because their body looks better. For both types of patients, I have learned as a physician that the result of a good cosmetic procedure is that we “feel better between our ears.” My patients tell me it is a great feeling to turn the clock back, even for two or three years, with a good cosmetic procedure.

This has been the case for me as well. Each day, I spend time taking care of my body, including daily cardio and strength training. I find that being in good health makes me a better doctor and surgeon and makes me feel great.

Dr. Brandy After QuickLift Surgery
Dr. Brandy Before QuickLift Surgery

During one of my daily morning workouts not long before my surgery, I was exercising in front of a large-screen TV, and saw one of my own commercials come on. Staring back at me was my face, but it wasn’t the face of the man that I work so hard to keep in good health. I looked older, more tired than I felt.

I had a realization: I’m recommending that people get a QuickLift when I look like this? As the developer of the procedure, I was confident that it was effective, safe, and for a number of my patients, the best option to reduce the visible evidence of aging. So why wouldn’t I make the case personally by undergoing the procedure myself?

My decision to have surgery was not easy, just as it is not easy for any of my patients. I have skin. I have nerves. I feel pain. And because I am a doctor, I know everything that could go wrong. Yet, I was willing to have it done. The fact that I had the procedure gives me insight into the anxieties my patients may have. I see how I can make better recommendations for them based upon my own surgical experience as a patient.

Many of my patients tell me that their surgical experience provides them what they consider a second chance at how they live their lives. Some consider it a significant turning point that encourages them to make major changes in their lives — to lose weight, to get in shape, to climb a mountain, to present a better face to the world.

This is how it was for me. I was already taking care of my health and my body. As a surgeon and the developer of the QuickLift, I understood the procedure surgically. I knew the benefits and the risks. I could explain recovery procedures. I could monitor the healing process. Now I had the opportunity to experience surgery as my patients do, from the other end of the knife. I was breaking down a barrier that so often separates the doctor from the patient in medicine.

Like most of my patients, as the day of the surgery grew closer, I had times when I was a bit nervous, or anxious about having the procedure. On the day of the procedure I must say it was a bit odd to walk into my own office as a patient, not a doctor. My staff took me back into one of our pre-op rooms and I changed into my gown, signed all of the pre-operative forms and took my pre-meds to relax. They definitely do make a difference. I met with my associate who was to perform my Quicklift procedure, and without trying to micro manage my own surgery, we reviewed our plan for me.

Dr. Brandy After QuickLift Surgery
Dr. Brandy After QuickLift Surgery

I was given additional medication and after a short while I was escorted back to the surgical suite. It was time. Although I was feeling VERY relaxed, It is definitely a different experience experiencing the surgery from the chair instead of from the doctor’s perspective. Two things I noticed: that the procedure went quickly, about an hour or so, and that I felt little pain, which was because of the local anesthetic and the sedatives, which worked very well.

One of the common misconceptions about facelift surgery, even minimally invasive surgery such as the QuickLift, is that it’s a one-day miracle. It is still surgery. There are still post-op issues or concerns for each patient. Even I was uncertain about exactly what my experience would be post-operatively. Fortunately I healed very well. Among the complications I experienced were some minor swelling and pain in the month after my procedure, and in one area behind my left ear, I developed a small lump of skin. As I advise my patients, I stuck with the directions for recovery and gently massaged the lump on a regular basis. It disappeared after several weeks.

As a doctor you know that every patient experience will be somewhat different. Because of my own personal patient experience, I can tell them with a much greater degree of certainty what they can expect. In the majority of cases, the skin heals quickly and within days, the evidence of a surgical procedure is not readily apparent. Proximal examination is often the only way to see evidence of the surgery, usually when a family member or close friend studies your face very closely. However, complications of some fashion are not uncommon, but manageable. In my case the sailing was pretty smooth.

In my practice, I very carefully document pre-surgery and post-procedure progress with photographs. Looking back now on my own photographs, I can see that my scars were red in the days following my procedure, but became increasingly less obvious and virtually unnoticeable after several weeks post-operatively.

In my personal experience, surgery reversed many of the physical changes in my aging face. Like any other aspect of my health, though, it was up to me to follow directions and maintain my facial health by following the same regimen that I advise for my patients: a high quality sunscreen, a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, a lot of filtered water and good, common-sense skin care.

Today, I spend a considerable part of my week consulting with patients about aesthetic surgery options. More than ever, I understand that surgery is a major decision that my patients spend weeks evaluating. By the time I see a patient for a consultation, they have probably been talking with our staff for two to four weeks.

I recognize that a patient won’t have as much confidence in what lies ahead as I did, because I am a doctor. So the first thing I do is pull up a chair and sit down right next to the patient. I understand their anxiety. I see the concern in their eyes. I talk about my own experience with the procedure. I review my own emotional experience, from elation to anxiety to nervousness prior to the procedure. I review my actual surgery and how I looked and felt afterwards. Then I show them my scars. They are tiny, but they are there. I tell them what I did to help my face heal.

Sharing this experience with my patients helps to eliminate the barrier between doctor and patient. It makes for a much more relaxed and comfortable process to evaluate the right procedure for the patient and to ensure that the medical and emotional considerations are properly addressed.

For me, the QuickLift has achieved good results medically and in terms of appearance. It has helped me present to the world the face of a healthy man. It has also enabled me to relate to my patients in a way that is uncommon in medicine — as a fellow patient. There is no replacement for being able to pull up my chair, look into a patient’s eyes and say, “I know the QuickLift works, because I had one myself.”


21 thoughts on “Dr. Brandy’s QuickLift

  1. I truly enjoyed reading about your surgery and seeing your amazing results. You look great and I’m sure your thorough documentation of this procedure is highly benefical and alleviate many concerns for patients considering the quick lift . The photos definitely show how the quick lift works to erase ten years or so. Wow!

  2. I was tired of hunting through recent photos to find a decent one that didn’t accentuate jowls and neck. Called up the only doc in Indiana that does the quick lift 10 days ago. Got in for a consultation last Monday, had the procedure exactly 1 wk. later (last Monday) and am feeling great today, Wed., just two days after. Best $4,000 I’ve ever spent. Highly recommend to all who want to eat their turkey this Thanksgiving, not look like one!! j

    1. This message goes out to Jane in Indiana, would that doctor
      be Dr.Sadove in Indianapolis? I live in Indianapolis and would
      very much like to make contact with someone here who has
      had the procedure. I have been considering it for a while, but
      am a bit nervous. Thank you…Sandra

      1. Hi Sandra. Dr. Sadove, board-certified plastic surgeon, is the only QuickLift provider in Indianapolis. Please contact his office at Meridian Plastic Surgery or call (800) 321-LIFT for more information about the QuickLift. I am sure his office would happy to talk to about the QuickLift face lift and put you in touch with QuickLift patients. Thank you and good luck with your decision!

  3. what is the difference between a mini face lift & a quick lift? Which is better? I am considering a quick lift. Please advise. How much is the procedure?

    1. Great question Tina! The QuickLift is a face lift procedure that tightens the skin in the lower portion of the face and neck in a minimally invasive way. It is really the same as a mini lift. Doctors that use the actual QuickLift technique developed by Dr. Dominic Brandy find that the results are very impressive similar to a traditional lower facelift. The QuickLift though has a lower likelihood of complications and a quicker recovery. The best way to determine if this is a procedure right for you would be for you to have a complimentary evaluation by one of our QuickLift physicians. That way they can give you exact pricing based on your individual needs. You can call 800-321-5438 to find a QuickLift physician near you.

  4. I would like to know the cost of the quicklift,do you have a payment plan,and what is the difference between the quicklift and the lifestyle lift.

    1. Thank you for your interest Katie! It is hard to give a price for the QuickLift because I am unable to see you and to determine 1) if you are a QuickLift candidate 2) to see the areas of your face that concern you 3) make sure this is the right procedure for you. Please feel free to call 800-321-5438 to schedule a complimentary evaluation near you with one of our QuickLift doctors in their own practice.

      1. To: Lori Potts…re the reply to Katie S.
        She asked what the difference between the QuickLife and the Lifestyle Lift procedure is…and you didn’t answer her question; so, I’m asking it again…What’s the difference? So far as I know, the nearest Lifestyle lift facility, in Seattle, is twice as far as the one for your Quicklift, I saw, in Portland, OR.; which is still a 300 mile round trip from me, in rural Oregon. (And the Dr’s picture in Portland looks like he could use more help, than the Dr. who’s the originator of this procedure, with his personal experience, posted here, did…not meaning to be rude, but…the P’land guy doesn’t inspire me, with his “after” look, if that’s what it is..?) I’d also like to know, if the procedure has anything to do with inserting a cord or elastic band? ~Thanks.
        S.McClellan ~ Artogo4u@Yahoo.com

      2. The Lifestyle Lift procedure is one in which I am not familiar with on the techniques etc. The QuickLift is a customized facelift by the individual doctor to fit the needs of the patient. You will be the QuickLift doctor’s patient before, during and after the procedure. The procedure does not use a cord or elastic band. Please feel free to visit http://www.quickliftmd.com for more information or call 800-321-5438.

  5. Can you please tell me about the scarring. I read that it’s virtually undetectable when healed. Does that mean all, mostly, somewhat, with or without make up? I know it varies from patient to patient, but what is the actual time for complete healing? Thank you.

    1. Great question, Cori. The scarring is typically undetectable — even without makeup. And yes, every patient’s complete healing time varies, based on many factors. Your overall health, your skin-type and whether or not you smoke can have an impact on healing time. The best way to find out what to expect is to have your own personal, no-obligation QuickLift evaluation. If you need help scheduling a consultation, please call Annie at 1-800-344-1151 x 107.

  6. Hi Luisa. Thank you for your interest in the QuickLift Face Lift. The price for the QuickLift will vary depending on the doctor performing the procedure and if any additional facial rejuvenation procedures are performed during the same surgery. When performed alone, the price of the QuickLift is typically between $5,000 – $6,000. To find a QuickLift physician near you and to schedule a QuickLift evaluation, call 1-800-321-LIFT.

  7. Sounds like a very caring as well as skilled surgeon, I would like the Doctor to give me this procedure. Would love this as I am 62 now, but am very nervous!

    1. Hi Ginny. Being nervous about a surgery is completely understandable! Dr. Brandy spends time with every patient during a private consultation to explain the procedure in detail and takes the time to answer any questions you may have. He also sees his patients before surgery to talk about any last minute concerns and review the surgical process. Having the one-on-one time with Dr. Brandy helps make our clients comfortable with the process. Good luck in your decision! Schedule a consultation to learn more. You may not be as nervous once you have more information.

  8. many people interested in your quick lift have asked about a payment plan. no answer has been given. there is no point in getting an appt. if you can’t afford to pay for the plan

    1. Hello Diana. Thank you for your interest in the QuickLift Face Lift. The price for the QuickLift will vary depending on the doctor performing the procedure and if any additional facial rejuvenation procedures are performed during the same surgery. When performed alone, the price of the QuickLift is typically between $5,000 – $6,000. They type of payment plan available will also depend on the the financing options offered by the doctor. I would recommend finding the QuickLift physician nearest you by calling 1-800-321-LIFT. Once you have identified your QuickLift doctor, we can contact the office to find out what types of financing options are available.

    1. Hi Sonia. Dr. Brandy operates out of The Skin Center Medical Spa in Pittsburgh, PA (Mt. Lebanon, PA). However, he does perform surgical consultations at our other locations in Shadyside and Wexford. For more information please give us a call at 1-800-429-1151 and we’d be happy to discuss the QuickLift in more detail. If you live outside of Pittsburgh and do not want to travel here, please visit our QuickLift website (www.quickliftmd.com) or call 1-800-321-LIFT to locate the physician nearest you.

  9. Does Dr Brandy train those other docs who do this procedure? I want the same quality and skill as Dr Brandy but am in Florida

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