The QuickLift Difference

The QuickLift® was developed by Dominic Brandy, MD, and is performed by a number of doctors who have been personally trained by him. The QuickLift is an improved version of the S-Lift, which has been performed since the late 1990s with limited results. The QuickLift provides an overall lower to mid face lift and also improves the appearance of the upper neck, offering significant age-diminishing effects with minimal downtime and lasting results.

10 Reasons to Choose the QuickLift® Facelift

1. Highly Rated and Reviewed

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Highly Rated and ReviewedJust search “The QuickLift®” online and compare. Our patient satisfaction levels rate higher than similar quick-recovery procedures. We are confident that any research you do will give you a clearer perspective on your best choices.

2. Personalized Treatment

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Personalized TreatmentAll QuickLift® doctors are locally-owned, established practices. QuickLift® doctors don’t “temp” at pop-up franchise facilities that may come and go. You’ll feel safe knowing that your doctor will still be there when you need him or her.

3. Customization

Discover the QuickLift Difference: CustomizationNever a “one-size-fits-all” procedure, your specific needs and concerns are considered individually — for optimal results. QuickLift® doctors examine your facial anatomy and listen to your personal needs to offer you options.

4. Experience

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Experienced Board-Certified SurgeonsTop-rated, experienced and board-certified surgeons — averaging 10+years of specialization — are selected as “Exclusive QuickLift® Surgeons.”

5. Lasting Results

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Lasting ResultsNot only does the QuickLift® tighten and reduce sagging skin, our unique techniques offers patients the natural, long-lasting beauty that they desire.

6. Personalized Treatment

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Personalized TreatmentSince your surgeon is in a local private practice, you’ll see the same board-certified doctor who performs your procedure before and after surgery — for seamless and compassionate follow-up care.

7. Innovative Excellence

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Innovative ExcellenceNow in its third generation, The QuickLift® has been published in medical journals since 2004. In many ways, the QuickLift® is a more technically-refined procedure than other quick recovery facelifts — offering you natural-looking and lasting results.

8. Holistic Approach

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Holistic ApproachYour Exclusive QuickLift® Surgeon typically offers a multitude of medically-based, face and body skin treatments and surgical procedures for all your aesthetic needs. Your doctor helps you make choices based on your individual goals — as well as your health, lifestyle and finances.

9. Integrity

Discover the QuickLift Difference: IntegrityBy providing you with honest evaluations, realistic expectations, QuickLift® doctors are true patient advocates. All candidates are carefully evaluated through a comprehensive qualification process.

10. Real Patient References

Discover the QuickLift Difference: Real Patient ReferencesWe encourage you to speak with one of our QuickLift® patients who will be happy to share her experience with you.


Contact us if you’d like to learn more about the QuickLift MD.


4 thoughts on “The QuickLift Difference

    1. Thank you for your question Roger! I would encourage you to call our QuickLift physician, Dr. Thomas Kotoske, at 623-516-2639 to talk with a consultant. You can even go in to the office for a complimentary evaluation where they can give you specific pricing which address your individual need.

    1. Thank you for your interest Kathy! It is hard to give a price for the QuickLift because I am unable to see you and to determine 1) if you are a QuickLift candidate 2) to see the areas of your face that concern you 3) make sure this is the right procedure for you. Dr. Brandy has an office in Shadyside, Mt. Lebanon and Wexford which are in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Please feel free to call 800-321-5438 to schedule a complimentary evaluation where you will learn more about the QuickLift with a trained consultant.

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